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Gia & Ashton's At-Home Skincare Product Recommendations

Gia & Ashton’s At-Home Skin Care Product Recommendations

Ashton & Gia love these skin care products

Keep you skin feeling it’s best while away from the spa.

We know the stay at home order may have you feeling a little blah, but that doesn’t mean your skin should feel that way! Ashton and Gia are sharing their favorite skincare products that keep their skin feeling it’s best while away from the spa.

Gia loves the Obagi Medical’s Professional C serum and C-Cleansing Gel. This is the perfect Vitamin C product to combat the signs of aging and allow the skin to glow.

Ashton combines our Epicuren Citrus Herbal Cleanser, Hydrating Mineral Mask, and X-Treme Cream Propolis Sunscreen! This trifecta is the perfect skincare routine to moisturize and protect dryer skin, especially during the winter time!

Need to revamp your at-home Skin Care routine? DM us or Text (858) 349-2368 for a personalized routine from one of our Senior Estheticians customized to your skin type.

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