Brazilia Skin Care & Spa

Brazilia can assist you with ingrown hair on your back, leg, bikini line, etc. Consistent waxing benefits you because less hair grows back over time and the hair that does regrow has a softer texture. This can also result in ingrown hairs since the hair may not be able to penetrate the skin.

For consistent and best results, at-home exfoliation is key, so ask about our aftercare products! Tendskin and Spacells are available for at-home care.  For additional ingrown solutions and options for males or females, please contact Brazilia for more details. 

ingrown service options

  • Female Braz or Bikini Wax w/Microderm $85
  • Male Braz or Bikini Wax w/Microderm $100
  • Female Braz or Bikini Wax w/Glycolic $85
  • Male Braz or Bikini Wax w/Glycolic $100
  • Female Bikini Facial $50
  • Female Sugaring Brazilian Ball Method $95
  • Male Sugaring Brazilian Ball Method $110
  • Female Buttocks Facial $50
  • Male Buttocks Facial $60

ingrown HAIR FAQs

Tend Skin is a product designed to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs.  It should be used daily on clean, dry skin.

Spacells are a product used for exfoliation of the skin.  Simply apply antibacterial soap and scrub your skin in gentle circles.