Brazilia Skin Care & Spa

Lashes make everything better. Let one of Brazilia’s experienced lash specialist transform your lashes into a statement not just an accessory.

Lash & BROW Bar

  • Lash Boost $40
  • Lash Lift with Boost $120
  • Brow Boost $15
  • Bronsun Hybrid Brow Boost $30
  • Brow Lamination with Boost $120
  • Individual Lashes (*Independent contractors available by appointment only. May not be booked online.) $160+

Brazilia Skin Care lash technicians are independently contracted and licensed in the state of California. They are separately insured and have not been trained by the Brazilia Skin Care team. Brazilia Skin Care does not specialize in individual lashes, but offers this independent service to accommodate guest needs. Lashes are by appointment only and cannot be booked online. You must call the store to request a representative to assist you. Lashes availability is dependent on the independent contractor’s schedule. Our lash technician has been assisting clients since 2017.