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Do You Know About Our Waxing Options…


No wax is too small or too big!

Do you know about all of our waxing options?

STRIP WAX: Applied to the skin and removed by a material strip. Our wax is very high quality and formulated for sensitive skin. Great for all areas of the body

HARD WAX: Applied to the skin, and as it hardens it is removed with a peeled off motion. Hard wax is recommended for very sensitive skin because as it hardens it wraps around the hair with slightly less pull on the skin. Also, great for all areas of the body!

ROLLER WAX: Is the sensitive skin, strip wax. The was is applied with a  roller which can easily cover larger areas of the body.

SUGARING WAX: can be used at a low temperature and is ideal for extremely sensitive skin clients.

We are one of the few spas in San Diego that offer all three of these waxing services! Come in for your wax today and talk to our expert estheticians about which waxing type is right for your skin!