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Epicuren Discovery Facial Scrub

A Scrub A Week…


Scrub away dull skin and reveal glowing skin for fall!

A scrub a week, keeps your face looking on fleek!

Today we are highlighting some of our most popular scrubs from @epicuren…

Micro-Derm Ultra Refining Scrub
Experience the revitalization benefits of sustainable bamboo micro-crystals, jojoba seed oil and apple extracts!

Fine Herbal Facial Scrub

This is a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin looking refreshed and silky smooth. Thanks to its finely ground apricot kernels, jojoba oil and oatmeal, this delicate scrub helps to thoroughly cleanse away any impurities.

 Apricot Facial Scrub
An emollient, hydrating scrub designed specifically for dry and mature skin types. Finely ground apricot seeds and walnut shells help slough away surface dryness and debris.

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