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Ever wanted to get a Brazilian, but wasn’t sure what to expect?
I interviewed one of Brazilias fabulous Specialists to help give you a piece of mind.

How long does the hair need to be?
“Hair should be ¼”. A good rule of thumb is to think of the length of a grain of rice. If you are coming from shaving, let the hair grow for at least 10-14 days. If you think your hair may be too long, please do not trim, as often times clients will trim the hair so short that it cannot be waxed.
How should I prep before coming in for my appointment?
“Along with coming in good hygiene, you can also take a pain killer (Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc) 30 min beforehand. That will help with swelling and redness.”
What happens when I am taken back to the room?
“The Esthetician will give you an antiseptic wipe and step out of the room to give you a moment of privacy as you undress completely from the waist down and wipe all areas that will be waxed.
How bad does it hurt?
Trick question. Everyone has a different threshold for pain. Taking a painkiller before may help with pain. We also have “No Scream Cream” available for purchase, which is a numbing cream that numbs the Brazilian area.
What type of wax do you use?
We have three different types of wax. Hard wax, Soft wax and Sugar Wax. With Hard wax, your esthetician will lay down the wax strip and pull the wax itself (No cloth strips). Soft wax uses cloth strips to remove the wax. With Sugar Wax, your esthetician will apply the wax with a stick and remove with a cloth strip. The difference between soft wax and sugar wax is what it is made of. Our soft wax is a cream base and is great for thick hair, as well as fine short hair. Sugar wax is made with all natural ingredients, including the sugar granules which will exfoliate your skin while waxing. Your esthetician will consult with you and determine which wax will be most effective for your hair type and skin type.
After care?
“Do not go swimming or tanning naked for 48 Hours. Do not exfoliate or do anything to your Brazilian area for 48 hours, your skin is traumatized from the wax, so give it a little break. Refrain from using anything scented on your Brazilian area. Try to wear cotton (not spandex, lace, or nylon) underwear as much as possible. Since there is no more hair there, anytime you sweat the bacteria from the sweat will sit on top of your skin and can cause ingrown hairs. Try not to work out right after your wax. If you insist on going to the gym or yoga, wear cotton underwear with flowy running shorts so you can let your Brazilian area breathe.
Ingrown hairs are common with waxing. In grown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. We offer many products as well as spa treatments to help you combat ingrown hairs. Our #1 seller for after care is our Tendskin and Spa cell. The Tendskin is a clear serum you would apply everyday after the shower to both treat and prevent ingrowns. How it works is you would apply the tendskin on clean dry skin. Use the roll on applicator to apply around bikini area. The spa cell is an exfoliator you would use everyday in the shower along with your antibacterial soap. It is a great exfoliation because it anhydrous, meaning it cannot hold water, so bacteria does not grow on it. You won’t have to worry about washing it or replacing it as often as you would a loofa.”

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